About Sensibl Learning

Sensibl Learning is a product designed by Qquench Media Pvt Ltd. Sensibl Learning is a collection of a themed marketplace, where we sell elearning templates developed using Articulate Storyline 2. These templates are aesthetically designed to accommodate various layouts used in the elearning courses. We also offer technical or design support through our services COLLAB or UNIQUE, to help you finish your courseware professionally. These templates are easy to use and ready with all the features. Our sensibl templates are favorites among instructional designers and clients.

“Sensibl Team”

We are a learning design and development company and a community of passionate, creative, purpose-led individuals. Our team is headed by eLearning specialists with over 15 years of award-winning experience. We think disruptively to deliver learning to address our clients’ toughest challenges, while seeking to revolutionize the eLearning industry and help train workforce with most intuitive, trendy and thoughtfully designed templates.

About Our Products

As Sensibl Learners, one of our missions is to revolutionize the eLearning industry. We are thoughtful and creative practitioners: we take past learning from our customers, pass on our learnings through professional services and create new elearning strategies, products and templates. Our are templates are designed, based on the best practices we recommend, help our customers build their learning courses faster, continuously improve their teams and processes, and drive the change needed to thrive in the elearning industry.

Our Packages + Services

  • ACCESS 1 User
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • ACCESS 5 User
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Your Storyboard & Images
  • Existing templates
  • We integrate
  • Audio cost extra
  • 3 Review rounds
  • Production effort may vary depending on the complexity level
  • Our Instructional Design
  • Customized design and integration
  • Our images (as available in stock)
  • Audio cost extra
  • 3 Review rounds
  • Production effort may vary depending on the complexity level
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